Yuanzhicheng group created in 1993 (formerly Qingdao Zhicheng Industrial Co., Ltd.), is located in Laoshan District of Qingdao City High-tech Industrial Park, covers an area of 20800 square meters, composed of Qingdao yuanzhicheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Qingdao yuanzhicheng chemical products Co., Ltd., Shandong Kangcheng Oil Technology Co., Ltd, Qingdao Donglin Electrical Co., Ltd.. Has more than 150 employees, fixed assets of 100 million yuan, is a collection of trade and industry in one of the modernization of medium-sized enterprises. Group after more than 20 years of operation and development, with 3M, Saint Gobain, Dow Corning, Rogers, Bekaert, Baker Hughes, etc. the world well-known enterprises established long-term strategic cooperative relations, products and services covers the petroleum chemical industry, electronics and home appliances, mechanical processing, rail transportation, building energy conservation, financial services, fire safety and other fields.

  Company main business section:

一、industrial tape, foam, adhesive and water filtration products;

二、 commercial identification of product processing and sales;

三、 concrete reinforced with steel fiber distribution.

四、automotive solar film, construction film distribution and construction, automotive beauty care products distribution;

五、3M glass micro beads business, and Shengli oilfield drilling and production Research Institute of R & D and self coupling profile control agent in the petrochemical, oil field drilling using additives sales and technical services;

六、the high concentration wastewater treatment, repair of the prevention and control of industrial pollution, soil pollution, solid waste anaerobic carbonization processing environmental engineering contract and technical services.

七、Sinopec, CNPC belongs to petrochemical enterprises to use the demulsification agent and demetallization agent refining additives products sales and technical services;

八、construction and construction of fire engineering.

  "Take the customer as the center", "creating value for customers" is the company always adhere to and abide by the purposes and standards, through the development of more than 20 years and hold on to, we have become the Haier, Hisense, PetroChina, Sinopec, CSR (LORIC) etc. large state owned enterprises; er acoustic songs, Pentair, Bombardier, Rhett, victall group, show strong glass, and other famous enterprises, and the Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, Bank of communications, many financial companies customer loyal suppliers or service providers, with hundreds of clients. The company has always strive for excellence in quality, dedicated to providing customers with the most suitable products and the most intimate professional services. Oil services industry of the world 500 strong enterprises -- the baker Hughes (Baker Hughes), India's Astoria Kate company (Dorf ketal) is our close partner, the field of environmental protection and Sinopec Fushun Petroleum Institute, Greentech Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Japan in situ solutions company reached a strategic cooperation partnership, to our company to provide a solid technical foundation.

  Through years of exploration and training, the company in the area of the relevant areas of the market, world famous brand agent, customer service and channel construction. Tired rich experience, the accumulation of solid strength of assets; form the institutionalization, standardization, the process of the efficient operation of the system; to establish a professional, dedicated and efficient management and operation of the team. The formation of the pursuit of excellence, positive enterprise culture atmosphere. Excellent financial situation of enterprises, anti risk and competition is more and more strong and with the vast number of customers established good relations of cooperation, won the trust of a wide range of, in the competition is so fierce in the modern economic environment, has established a good corporate reputation, brand visibility and market competitiveness, has embarked on a road of steady development.

  In a good platform for the foundation, enterprises and employees are facing the opportunities are unprecedented, challenges are also unprecedented, source sincere sincerely welcome every people with lofty ideals and the enterprise grow together, common development!

  "Success lies in diligence, success comes in the good faith", we will always uphold the business philosophy, to the strenuous efforts, continue for customers to create more value, I believe we will succeed together!

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