Our business purpose is to provide customers with satisfactory service for the staff to create a space for development, and partners work together". Firmly establish the customer centered business principles, and strive to improve the customer centered business organizations, and constantly improve the level of customer service. In providing customers with products and services, we follow the following principles:

  Advanced technology: the introduction of the world's leading technology and well-known brands in various industries, training excellent technical personnel, and always maintain the technical leadership.

  Reliable products: the choice of sophisticated technology, the introduction of advanced business model, to provide customers with reliable products and services.

  Quality of service: the establishment of service standards, improve service organizations, improve service technology, to provide quality services.

  Reasonable price: efforts to reduce costs, only to provide good use, applicable, enough products and services, to create greater value for customers.

As a comprehensive provider of excellence, in the internal management, we adhere to the following ideas:

(1) technology as the core of innovation ability, is to maintain the market leader and the sustainable development of the first prerequisite.

(2) with the core of the market as the core of business oriented, technology innovation and enterprise profit maximization of the dependent foundation.

(3) the interest as the core of the incentive system, is the catalyst for personnel training, is the rapid growth of the source of the enterprise.

(4) to the standard as the core of the internal management process, to ensure the smooth development of choice.

  Technology partner selection: select outstanding electronic, aviation, transportation, construction and home providers, form a strategic partnership, in various forms to carry out sincere, in-depth, long-term cooperation.

  Market partner selection: select outstanding product service providers, vendors and service providers, to jointly develop the market, to provide customers with comprehensive services.

  Yuanzhicheng by strengthening internal management, keep up with the trend of the countries, integration of upstream and downstream resources, customers, suppliers, service providers build a good cooperation and win-win platform, through the creation of value for customers, for employees, shareholders, creating value for the society.

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