Qingdao Donglin Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuzhou Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, 175, and belongs to the group of sincere source, three segments of the group's main business: automotive supplies, business logo products processing and sales and technical services. Automotive supplies covers the Saint Gobain solar film, kangdexin solar film, Suonakesi automotive beauty products, 3M automotive maintenance products, 3M oil, 3M chassis armor. Is the sole agent in Shandong area designated by the American Bekaert special coating Co., Ltd, specialized in automotive film, construction film distribution, sales network throughout the Shandong region as a whole. 

  Two brands of quantum membrane and its Rejia Shu already entered Chinese Bekaert, widely used in automotive and construction market. Film quantum of quantum is Bekaert group's top auto film brand, obtained the Chinese patent, global patent, patent of China, for 95196693.6, the international market on the same level of product quality best, series of products, most of the films. Shu Rejia Solargard auto film achieved very low reflection and high insulation of the perfect balance. These two brands are now fully into the Chinese market, all of its products are committed to 10 years of the original warranty, the market is unique. 

  Donglin electrical in the spirit of sincere cooperation, the positive enterprising, will enhance quality of service, committed to providing the most advanced products, the most professional and most convenient service for the user. 

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  Aaddress: No. 175, Zhuzhou Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao City

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