Away from the three principles of the trap of tape exposition fraud
Release date:2016-03-08

  For China's exhibition industry can be summed up what many among them repeatedly in recent years exposed the swindlers show phenomenon may only be the tip of the iceberg. However, it is, after all, let China's exhibition industry is injured, especially hurt the credibility of the Convention and exhibition is far greater than the economic benefits, according to the social characteristic of the tape of the exhibition, to eliminate this phenomenon is not too difficult.

  First to master the "brand principles". Whether inherited or borrowed tape exhibition project, each department should the industry or in the field of large scale, high efficiency, strict management of the exhibition to reach a consensus, focus on the promotion of, let the vast number of exhibitors and professional audience understanding and knowledge, and the formation of brand effect. Brand because of the widespread recognition with the apical dominance, itself of brand-name, fake exhibition to inhibition, Codonopsis Pilosulae exhibitors for non influential brand exhibition refused to participate, deceive show natural shelter.

  The second is "the principle of the system". The lack of industry management system is an important cause of fraudulence phenomenon, due to the characteristics of the industry and the management system of different industries and regions of tape exhibition lack of a unified industry management, exposed the loopholes in management and information asymmetry to cheat show caused can take advantage of the machine, especially the "behind the Bulls the management of" hidden "bull no matter", so we emphasize the enterprises participating in the process as much as possible to understand and master the relevant system and standard should also be called on the industry department in cooperation and development principles, negotiation as soon as possible the introduction of management specification of exhibition industry unified, don't wait until the enterprise to the government the door for justice to countermeasures.

  Third is the "precautionary principle". Looking back on many of the events that happened during the year, we find that the blind and the immature of the exhibitors are also the important reasons for the exhibitors to succeed. Many exhibitors is not to show the value, function and methods cause enough attention, enterprises lack of professional personnel and supporting departments, so we should also remind the vast number of enterprises, exhibitors is not only the exhibition organizers, rather, is not only a kind of service and service relationship, but tape the show organizers and exhibitors even on both sides is multi (including your competitors) cooperation and win-win relationship. After all, everyone's purpose is consistent, namely: to sell the product. In this regard, the importance of the exhibition and the level of awareness, the improvement of the operation method is to identify the best way to cheat.


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